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Personalize your candles with unique candle boxes. Make the perfect custom candle boxes with us and add your image to create a truly one of a kind touch!

custom candle boxes

Luxury Candle Packaging Boxes

Get inspired by our custom candle boxes packaging from different designs!

custom candle box
custom candle box

Custom Candle Box

luxury candle packaging boxes

Luxury Candle Packaging Boxes

custom candle packaging
custom candle packaging

Custom Candle Packaging

paper candle boxes
paper candle boxes

Paper Candle Boxes

candle boxes packaging

Candle Boxes Packaging

luxury candle boxes.jpg

Luxury candle boxes to elevate unboxing experience

Packaging is part of the customer experience. How your products are delivered in a custom luxury candle box can help give your brand identity a boost.TopGiftBoxes will work with you to deliver innovative luxury candle boxes tailored to fit your brand.

Affordable Packaging Solution

We offer affordable packaging solutions for your business. We understand the importance of marketing and branding, so we provide custom candle packaging solutions that are both effective and budget-friendly. All of our custom candle boxes are strictly manufactured inside our facility, resulting in reduced third-party expenses.


Unlimited Custom Possibilities For Your Candle Packaging

We create anything you can imagine! When it comes to custom boxes and packaging, the possibilities are endless. Our wide variety of accessories, finishes, and materials make it possible for us to create limitless possibilities for your custom boxes.

Art paper

Art Paper

Glossy and smooth, ideal option for high-quality printing.

kraft paper

Kraft Paper

White or brown color. Natural and welcomed for green packaging.

texture paper

Linen Stock

Use a textured paper to create a special look for your box.

soft touch paper

Soft Touch Paper

A matt soft touch gives your box a luxury final look.

black card

Black Card

Black dyed paper on both sides for elegant packaging need.

metallic paper

Metallic Paper

Fancy paper with a matt or gloss metallic laminated topside. 

pearl paper

Pearl Stock

Luminous paper that offers elegant sheen to simpler designs.

leatherette paper

Leatherette Paper

Leather-textured paper, which is soft and wear-resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions


What's the minimum order for the paper candle boxes?

The MOQ is always 1000 pieces, depending on the box style. For more complex premium boxes or boxes with multiple designs/colors, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) can be less.


What's your turnaround time/lead time?

Turnaround times typically are 12-20 business days, which depend on the order size, box style, and time of the year. Once the order is confirmed, a more accurate time will be advised by our product specialists.


What types of boxes can I use for candle packaging?

There are various types of boxes that are suitable for chocolate packaging, including shoulder boxes, magnetic closure boxes, and drawer boxes.


How do I determine the right box size for my product?

To determine the dimensions of a box, you will need to measure the sizes of your product. Start by measuring the length, which is the longest side. Then measure the width, which is the shorter side that is perpendicular to the length. Finally, measure the height, which is the remaining dimension. Make sure to measure each dimension carefully and record the measurements to the nearest quarter inch or millimeter.


Can I get a sample before order?

Yes, we offer sample packs or allow you to order a small number of samples to test out the design and quality before placing a larger order. You can choose a stock sample, dummy, or custom sample with your design based on your need and budget. 


How much does a custom candle box cost?

The cost of custom candle boxes will depend on the size and complexity of the design, as well as the quantity of the order. 
Contact our specialist for an instant quote now.


Can I put my printing or design on the boxes?

You most definitely can. All the packages will be produced to your needs. Just email us your ideas or artwork, and we'll handle it for you.


What format should I provide my artwork to you in?

The preferred format for artwork is a vector file, such as an .AI or .EPS file. Vector files are resolution-independent, which means that they can be resized without losing quality. If you do not have a vector file, you can also provide a high-resolution .JPG or .PNG file. Make sure that the resolution of your file is at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) to ensure that the artwork prints clearly.

Image by Petrebels

Start Your Custom Packaging Journey With TopGiftBoxes

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