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Versatile & Economical
Folding Carton  Boxes

Popular, Simple for shipping, Easy to assemble

Chocolate Folding Box
Printed Cardboard Box
Red Folding Carton Box.png
boxes lined up 1.jpg

The folding cardboard box is the most popular packaging box. It is made of thick paperboard. TopGiftBoxes offers many options in terms of surface finishing, and unlimited possibilities in terms of color printing. Material can be white, Kraft, or even food-grade paperboard.
Cardboard folding box can be used  in any industry, such as:

  • Food packaging

  • Clothing packaging

  • Makeup packaging

  • Tea & Coffee packaging

  • Chocolate packaging

These boxes can be ship flat. And they are easy to assemble and commonly come in one piece. It is perfect for packaging products of all sizes and can also help market your business.

Versatile Folding Boxes Styles

Red Folding Box

Folding Candy Box

Chocolate Cardboard Box -1 .jpg

Folding Drawer Box

Chocolate Folding Box

Folding Chocolate Box

Cardboard Packaging Box.jpg

Folding Lid & Base Box

Material For Folding Carton Boxes

You can choose all kinds of materials for your packaging needs.


C1S/C2S board

metallic paper

Metallic paper board


Pearl paper board

Kraft paper.jpg

Kraft board

Top Surface Treatment For Folding Carton Boxes

foil stamping

Foil Stamping

spot UV

Spot UV

Gloss lamination


Texture stamping

Texture Stamping

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