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Jewelry Boxes

Case Study

To say what kind of gift box can stand out in a line of similar products, this jewelry box has done an excellent job. It is simple, elegant, and perfect for keeping your jewelry piece safe. The simple design, color matching and clean lines avoid an overly decorated look, making it a great choice for an elegant jewelry package.


Simple box with cubic shape

This jewelry box chose the most common 2-piece box style. With a cubic shape, it is not only beautiful but also practical.

Elegant textured paper

The elegant paper pattern makes the design less monotonous, while the matte surface pops the logo out.

Minimalist color scheme

The gray paper is complemented by the silver logo. The same color velvet lining makes the color scheme consistent.

Soft Velvet lining

Inside is the same color velvet lining-soft touch makes the box perfect for storing your valuable jewelry collection.

jewelry box -2.jpg
jewelry box -1.jpg
jewelry box -3.jpg
jewelry box -4.jpg

Find A Specialist to Custom Your Jewelry Boxes

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